V. Proposals

Andrea Blum

Designs for Living

Over the years the concept of family has changed. Friends live together, couples live apart, and living solo has become more common. As a two-family residence, Schindler House has redefined notions of home, family, collective and private living, consequently opening up possibilities for other lifestyles. With a changing relationship to economics and an increase in life span, present-day living requires a new way of thinking about home, mobility, leisure, and community. My designs propose a response to those concerns.

Each room in the Schindler House has an image. Each image refers to a way of living. Each way of living is the subject of a lecture, film screening, or reading, related to the concept of the specific design proposition.

  • BabyBoom: Multi-generational living.
  • Apartment: Each living unit has moveable parts to accommodate the at-home freelance worker with a maximum amount of space.
  • Truckhouse: Trucks are recycled into living units which can be added on for a larger home, or moved to another location.
  • Guesthouse: Rainbow-colored cabins join to form a guest compound.
  • Travel Lodge: Multiple pods lodge transient campers.

Andrea Blum is a New York-based artist.

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