V. Proposals

Judith K. Mussel

2nd Nature (of the) Schindler House or a Voluminous Love Affair with Silicon

The installation 2nd Nature addresses the air volume and natural light of the interior spaces of the Schindler House, drawing the visitors’ attention to that which they might not be consciously aware. By filling the volume of the house with transparent silicon baskets, the installation will guide the visitors to ever-present characteristics of space: light and volume.

The baskets will fill the spaces completely, so that when a person enters they will be forced into physical contact and have to push them aside in order to enter the rooms. As light fills the space, it might appear as if the Schindler House is submerged in water.

Architecture would be void without careful attention paid to the interaction of light and air. Through emphasis of these natural elements, this talent of R.M. Schindler will become evermore apparent.

Judith Mussel is a Los Angeles-based architect.

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